Just A Small Man

Look at the world through my eyes.

Age 19
Seeking Enlightenment
Self - Improvement

Great. Let’s just make my trust issues worse. And go ahead let’s vamp up my whole anxiety thing too. Thanks

So federal prison really wasn’t that fun. I don’t think I’ll go back.

First time watching TV at home after 14 months…

I’m my own worst enemy, I’ve found out.
Makes sense.

Falling for my best friend seems to be a popular occurrence in my life.


Bodega Bamz - Thrilla (Video)

Feat. Flatbush Zombies

One might venture to guess my text message may have been misunderstood or I may just be the stupidest asshole in the universe.

I know I should behave one way, but I’m so frustrated I just wish I could behave the opposite out of spite.

Come to find out, the friend zone is over encompassing.

Tell me, do you notice?

It sucks when you are doing so well,
And then for apparently no reason, after doing nothing wrong,

I cant even finish.
Too fucked up.
Too fucked with.